Best Outdoor Wifi Camera Reviews – [Buyers’ Guide]

Nowadays, there are security cameras with a ton of amazing features. In this article, we introduce to you the top 10 outdoor cameras. They are modern, easy to use, and work with smartphones so that users have the best experience.

At the end of the article, there is a buying guide helping you in picking the best surveillance camera for your individual needs.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Wifi Camera in 2020

10. Goowels outdoor wifi camera

 Goowls Security Camera

This outdoor security camera will give you peace of mind, wherever you are. With an amazing resolution of 1080P full HD, it covers more spaces and gives great vision even when it is pitch dark. The camera has a night vision span of up to 32 feet. When you are away from your home, you can check the camera right from your phone. The waterproof and dust-free camera features a smart motion detection; you will receive a 6s video into your phone when there is any motion around your place.

Users have two storage options that offer privacy options; SD card or cloud storage. This 2-pack camera set supports 2.4G wireless internet network – does not support the 5G network. In addition to these, it is equipped with a 2-way audio system that allows you to speak via the camera when you are outside.

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9. Victure outdoor wifi camera

Security Camera Outdoor

This outdoor security camera from Victure is a modern and powerful one that offers a tilt of 360° view. In addition to that, it has a vertical range of 110°. As such, it covers more spaces and helps decrease blind spots. Users can use their mobile phones to control the rotation of this IP66 waterproof camera.  Compatible with both android and iOS phones, the camera will send a notification to your phone when any suspicious motion is detected on camera. Users can adjust the motion detection feature to avoid false alarms.

This device is renowned for the high-resolution and clear image that it produces. The video can be viewed in 1080P HD. With the infrared night vision, users can watch their house surrounding with a clear image making the device perfect for both day and night time.

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8. Amcrest 4MP outdoor wifi camera

Amcrest 4MP IP Camera

This Amcrest 4-megapixel (2688 TVL) outdoor camera is one of the best in its category. It is very modern and gives users the optimum experience. It films 2688 x 1536 video with amplified low light that is supported by Omnivision OV4689 image sensor. With this camera, you will be able to cover more space thanks to its super-wide view angle of 118°. By installing the Amcrest application to your phone, you can review footage of the camera. Moreover, one can receive an alert notification via smartphone when movements are detected. The purchase also includes the Amcrest Surveillance Pro for computers so that users can create professional records, as well as playbacks. The camera supports cloud storage, MicroSD card, Amcrest NVRs, and Pale Moon amongst others. On top of all that, the waterproof camera comes with a 1-year warranty.

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7. Mibao 1080P outdoor wifi camera

 Outdoor Security Camera

Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices, this outdoor WiFi camera from Mibao ticks all boxes for a modern and effective security device. It is made of Zinc-aluminum alloy which is highly resistant to strong heat and cold; making the device more durable. Likewise, its users the most recent IP66 technology that allows users to have great quality images regardless of how bad the surroundings might be. The camera features a super-sensitive 1080P infrared vision and 18*850nm quality infrared sensor light that delivers greater quality night vision.

Users love how user-friendly the device is. Equipped with a 5Dbi boosted antenna, it offers a better connection with the signal being two times stronger than a regular 3Dbi antenna. For higher, the camera has a special algorithm that prevents others from reading the SD card in case of loss. Other features of this camera are motion detection and 2-way audio.

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6. Goowels outdoor wifi camera

Security Camera Outdoor

Your family and loved ones will feel safe with this amazing outdoor security camera. The camera has a great resolution image of 1080P full HD and even in the dark, it allows a night vision of up to 32 feet. At any time of the day, you can be sure of having clear image coverage. One notable highlight of this camera is its 360° pan/tilt system that allows 110° vertical and 355° horizontal rotation range. Users can see different angles covered by the camera, right from their smartphones. It is a sturdy device that has been made to cope with temperature from 14° F to 113°.

This unit is made of high-grade quality materials that make it dust-free and IP65 waterproof. For users’ convenience, the camera also features 2-way audio allowing users to communicate via the camera device. It also supports several users viewing the footage at the same time.

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5. Wansview Outdoor Wifi Camera

 Outdoor Security Camera

This outdoor security camera is one of the best in that category. At a surprisingly affordable price, it matches the quality and smart features. With its 2-megapixel HD lens, you can enjoy 1080P images that are crystal night both during the day and night time. You can view the videos from your smartphone; the camera supports internet connection of up to 4G and WiFi. One of the highlights of this Wansview outdoor camera is that it works with Alexa and has built-in infrared LED vision coverage that can go up to 20 meters.

Users will have peace of mind at all times; the camera can send a real-time notification when abnormal motion is detected. Similarly, your data will be safe with the financial encryption technology it uses in its cloud storage feature. This Wansview camera is waterproof and works well in tough weather conditions as well.

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4. HeimVision HMD2

heimvision HMD2 Wireless

A modern outdoor camera that is also environmental-friendly. This HeimVision HMD2 security camera is battery-powered and is rechargeable by solar power. In addition to that, you will not get annoyed with entangling wires as this device is 100% wire-free; it can be easily installed. By downloading the HeimLife app, users can easily pair, browse, and record right at the comfort of their smartphone. Data is well kept in the supported cloud service; the device has HTTPS certified security. Users can access their camera history at any time and anywhere.

The camera has a 1080P resolution quality image and has incredible night vision. The device can switch to night mode when it gets too dark. Moreover, with its 130° angle range, it is for both indoor and outdoor use.

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3. Amiccom

Security Camera Outdoor,

Amiccom never fails to impress with its products. This 1080P surveillance camera has a combined lens of 3.6mm which covers wide spaces clearly even in the pitch dark – with a viewing distance of maximum 32 feet. This model has smart motion-detection features that send real-time notification via its app and can also send snapshots and videos. You can store all security footage from the camera on the  Micro SD card. Moreover, users can communicate via the camera thanks to the 2-way audio feature.

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2. Zummimall Store

Wireless Rechargeable Battery

This wireless battery-powered security camera is a very economic and convenient one. With its rechargeable battery, it can last 2 to 5 months so that you do not have to worry about changing it often. This camera is very easy to install in only 5 minutes; the product comes with a magnetic screw and adhesive tape. The camera is a 1080P one producing clear and vivid images with a 130° wide angle.  It also features motion detection notification and is weatherproof.

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1. Blink XT2 Outdoor Wifi Camera

 Blink XT2 Outdoor

This 2-camera set is battery-powered. Its batteries ( 2 AA lithium)  have an extended life of 2 years. Users can do the installation of the Blink XT2 camera by themselves; the process is easy and does not require any tools. By connecting it to Alexa, users can view live streams, control the system, and set up reorders for batteries. Other interesting features of this camera are 2-way audio,  free storage on the cloud, 1080P video with infrared HD for night time, and motion recording.

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Conclusion and Guide

Surveillance cameras are important as they help keep your place safe, as well as, allowing you to monitor your house in real-time, at any time. These devices are also equipped with 2-way audio and other interesting features such as notification when abnormal motion is detected.

Quality of Images

It is important to have a camera that produces clear images. Likewise, one should opt for one that gives a clear vision at night where the camera might be more useful.


Many camera models are compatible with different types of internet connection. You should enquire to know if the surveillance camera works with 5G for instance if you use that connection mostly.

Additionally, you should get a camera device that is compatible with the smartphone that you are planning to use with it.

Other features

You might also want to get a camera that covers a greater space; for instance, some models have 360° coverage and can be controlled via smartphone. In regard to outdoor cameras, it is important to know if the device is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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