Best Outdoor Watches – [Review and Buying Guide]

Outdoor watches are often equipped with multi-functional features like a stopwatch or even a timer. However, these outdoor watches are not only made to be used outdoors as these watches have a very stylish look to them as well. They often come in many different colors that give the buyers multiple options to choose from.

Therefore, we compiled a list of 10 of the best outdoor watches that you can currently get on the market. In addition to this, we also included a buyer’s guide at the end in case you are still unsure of the exact product you want.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Watches in 2020

10. Yuheng Sport Outdoor Watches

Men's Watch Men's Sports

This is a unique watch with many different options such as a timer, alarm, and even a stopwatch built into one product that doubles as a watch. By having this setup you do not need to carry multiple things with you on the go as your watch can do all this with just a click of a button. Not only this but this model comes in many different colors that will suit your desired taste.

The face of the watch can be illuminated as well if you have trouble seeing in the dark and not only this but the hour and minute hand have glow in the dark material that makes sure you can still see the time in the dark. This is a very versatile option and this means that we can recommend this product for anyone looking for an outdoor wristwatch.

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9. OASIS Digital Outdoor Watches

Watch Compass

This watch has a fully digital display that can clearly show the time and also can display other functions very clearly as it is fully digital. Unlike other products, this does not have messy watch hands in the way of your display so it makes viewing a lot easier. In addition to this the screen can light up and the display can be seen in the dark easily.

They also have multi-function that operates very smoothly. Moreover, the watch comes with different colors and different contrast to make it look more aesthetically appealing. This is a product that you should not miss out on.

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8. Infantry Military Outdoor Watches

Big Face Military Tactical

A different take on an ordinary watch design as this one includes a crown on its face to make it feel more premium. Not only this but the watch is still fully functional and is not only for show. This particular watch has many features built into it to make sure that you get the most out of it. It has a Japanese movement for its hands and it is also made to be very durable with stainless steel.

This is a watch that not only will make you look more stylish but also serves a purpose. Not to mention it can also be used underwater since it is water-resistant.

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7. Infantry Black Analog

Black Military Analog Wrist

Thanks to the Japanese movement this watch can be used for a longer period of time. This is because the Japanese movement makes sure that the hands move very smoothly without wiggle and wobble. In addition to this, the watch is also water-resistant so you do not have to worry about it going inside liquids of any sort.

This is because this watch is built to last and they made sure that they only use the highest quality material for its construction. This is why it made it in our list as one of the best options for an outdoor watch.

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6. Yihou Men’s Military Outdoor Watches

Men's Military Watch Outdoor

A tactical watch built to last as it has the highest grade of plastic and durability of a heavy-duty watch. In addition to this, it also has many features that make it stand out from the other competitors. These features include a LED light, alarm, stopwatch, and a timer. This is very useful in heavy-duty outdoor watches as it makes carrying a watch very versatile and it can also help you in many outdoor situations. Therefore, we recommend anyone looking for a watch to look at this as it is not only durable but also very practical.

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5. SNE

Digital Sports Watch Water

This is a very simple take on a traditional digital watch as it has a wide and clear face but it also has elastic straps that provide ventilation as well. This is a better option than leather because plastic bands are waterproof and will not be damaged as easily.

In addition to this, there is an option to turn on the EL mode and makes it easier to see in the dark. Not only this but the watch has many features included to make sure that it will not only be durable but also practical in outdoor situations.

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4. Casio Men’s

Casio Men's Sport Watch

A very unique design to an outdoor watch, not only that it looks traditional but it also looks very simplistic yet unique. This is done by the well-shaped crown that has a layering of metal to provide for a more aesthetic look. Not only this but the watch also has a light built in to make sure you can see in the dark.

The choice for the fabric and nylon wristband is to make sure that water will not damage the material and also it provides good ventilation. It also comes equipped with the quartz movement which is internationally recognized.

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3. Garmin

 Garmin Instinct

This is a more advanced watch that has a GPS built into a fully digital display. They did this to make sure that the user is maximizing the potential of the fully digital screen. Moreover, even if this is a fully digital display it does not mean that the durability of the watch is significantly weaker.

This watch is still made to last and endure the outdoor environment and will easily stand the test of time. It also has a long-lasting battery life of up to 14 days, which is very surprising for a small watch.

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2. Timex Men’s Expedition fFeld

Timex Men's Expedition

This is a watch that is built to stand against the test of time and also to make sure that not only will it be functional and practical but it will also be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Not only this but this watch also has many different colors to choose from and this makes it easier for the buyers to choose their favorite.

Moreover, this watch is also water-resistant and this means that you will not have to worry about going near any liquid with this watch. This is a very stylish and practical option for anyone looking for an outdoor watch.

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1. SUUNTO Core

Suunto Core All Black

A truly high durability and heavy-duty watch that is not only strong and reliable but also very practical. This is thanks to the fully digital display that it comes with and also the compass that is built into the watch. Not only this but the watch also has a weather trend graph to show the pattern of the weather and informs the user in advance. It also has many other tools such as barometer and altimeter which is perfect for any outdoor activity.

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Buyers Guide


When buying a watch, you need to make sure that your watch has enough features to make your life simpler. These features are very important as they not only help you but it also maximizes the capability of a simple wristwatch.


When looking at the material we need to make sure that the material used on the watch is strong enough and also durable enough for long-term use. This is because outdoor watches are meant to survive harsh conditions.


In conclusion, after looking at all the available options we came up with 2 most important things that the buyer of an outdoor watch should look out for. These two things are features on the watch and the material and build quality of the watch. These two factors are important because the main purpose of an outdoor watch is to be durable and practical at the same time. This is why we composed a top 10 list of the best 10 outdoor watches that we think might suit your needs.

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