Best Outdoor Rugs – [Buyers’ Guide]

Are you stressed about the dirty balcony or patio? Then why not get an outdoor rug? The outdoor rug can hold a lot of dust and dirt, and it requires you to clean or wash only once in a while. The reversible design even makes the rug usable for both sides. In this article, our team has prepared the research, and we have come up with the top 10 best outdoor rugs for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Rugs in 2020

10. Home Dynamix Outdoor Rugs

 Home Dynamix Nicole Miller

An outdoor environment also deserves decoration. This is the reason why we would recommend the outdoor rug from Home Dynamix. This rug features a timeless design, which is compatible with 3 seasons. It requires a low maintenance effort since it is built of polypropylene material. This material type is popular for its easy to clean design.

This rug design is versatile. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Even in a high traffic area, such as a kitchen and playroom, it enables you to use this rug to protect the floor. It can be rolled up once you are done with the usage. It needs only a small space for storage.

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9. SMART DESIGN MAT Outdoor Rugs

 SMM006 Reversible

There are many color options when it comes to this outdoor rug from SMART DESIGN MAT. These colors include blue, green, grey, red, and silver. It comes in a rectangular shape with a double weave construction. The sides of the rug are reversible, which means you can use either side with different designs in order to be compliant with the home decoration and personal preferences.

If you are no longer in need of the rug, you can fold it up within a breeze in order to store it anywhere. It is resistant to UV rays, and the color will not fade over time. There is even a portable carrying bag provided in this set to make transportation easy and convenient for all times.

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8. All Prime Outdoor Rugs

All Prime Buffalo Plaid Rug

All Prime’s outdoor rug is another reliable choice. It claims to be the better one in all competitions thanks to the construction of the rug. It combines high-quality materials together, such as cotton, polyester and viscose, and they are dedicated to serving you for many years ahead. This rug looks great for both the indoor and outdoor contexts.

With this beautiful rug, the kitchen or patio can become clean almost instantly. Many people place it in the front door area to welcome the guest. The print on the rug will not fade from years to years even if there is direct exposure to the sun. To clean this rug, you can simply use a vacuum or shake to make it clean again. It is also machine washable.

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7. EUCH Outdoor Rugs

 EUCH Contemporary Boho

If you are looking for a rug that can hold a lot of dirt, you must not forget this one from EUCH. It uses the clean machine technology that provides it with the capability to hide more than 1lb of dirt and dust. This makes the rug ideal for all 4 seasons with different weather patterns. When you feel that it is dirty, you can simply use water and mild detergent to clean it up.

It is a piece of contemporary decoration for all areas in both indoor and outdoor settings. These include kitchen, bedroom and entryway. Customers of EUCH are guaranteed with the best customer satisfaction for lifetime usage.

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6. Mohawk Home Outdoor Rugs

Mohawk Home Avenue

You can find the most colorful outdoor rug at Mohawk Home. The colorful design gives a vibrant sense to modern home decoration. It is highly durable and resistant to fading when it comes to an outdoor application. It is compatible with high traffic areas with both pets and children since it is very easy to clean. After years, you can still find it new and attractive.

Moreover, it is built of nylon that is resistant to stain. This saves you a lot of time and effort for the cleaning. Only mild detergent and water are needed to wash the rug. The quality is warranted from the United States using imported materials.

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5. Unique Loom

Unique Loom Outdoor Solid

Unique Loom designs this outdoor rug targeting a high traffic area with children and pets. This is because the rug is friendly to kids. It is resistant to water, mildew and stain. The cleaning instruction is easy for the rug. Gentle soap is required for the cleaning, and after that, you only need to hang it under the sun to get it fully dry.

It is recommended for you to clean and dry the rug before rolling it up. This prevents the odor and other unwanted elements of the rug. With a thickness of 0.16 inches, it can protect your feet from the floor in all seasons. It is constructed of polypropylene for both sides of the rug.

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4. Fab Habitat

Fab Habitat Reversible

The outdoor rug from Fab Habitat is popular for its recyclable design. The rug is tightly woven with the best durability and stability. It is constructed of recycled plastic, but it is still strong and solid to stay under your feet for many years. The rug is resistant to not only UV rays but also mold and mildew.

It provides a 1-year warranty on the quality of the product. The sides are reversible, and each side works with different elements. This is the reason why it works for both indoor and outdoor settings. Moreover, a shoulder strap is built into this outdoor rug, allowing you to carry it to various outdoor locations, including beach and camping sites.

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3. DII

 DII Reversible Indoor

DII’s outdoor rug is dedicated to maximizing its own values by making the rug reversible. The rug is made of polypropylene, and it is strong and soft at the same time. The sides are reversible, and therefore, the home decoration can have 2 looks from days to days.

In terms of protection, the rug is resistant to UV rays, mold, and mildew. It will never get damaged even if being placed under extreme sunlight every day. It is compatible with a wide range of locations, including patio and deck. Thanks to its lightweight design, it is easy and convenient when it comes to storage and transportation.

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2. Unique Loom

Unique Loom Outdoor

What about this lovely outdoor rug from Unique Loom? It is designed for a high traffic area, and it is friendly to both children and pets. This is simply because the rug is waterproof, stain proof, and mildew proof. When you find out that it is dirty, it is recommended for you to use water and gentle soap in order to clean it up.

However, if you want to roll the rug up, you need to dry it first to preserve the quality for a long period of time. It is available in 3 color options, which are ivory, gray, and aquamarine. It has a thickness of 0.16 inches.

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1. Nourison

Nourison Aloha

To wrap this review up, we have the outdoor rug from Nourison. This outdoor rug is constructed of 100% polypropylene, and it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor purposes. There are 4 color options, including blue, orange, green, and navy. No matter what color it has, it still requires a low maintenance effort.

It features a flat weave design using a cut-pile pattern. It can be used for balcony, patio and deck. If you want to use it in the house, it works for all locations, including kitchen, living room, and entryway. It is made with a low shredding design.

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Buying Guide

To make the outdoor rug last longer than your expectation even in an outdoor environment, below are some considerations that you can take into account.

Material: the most popular material used in the construction of the outdoor rug is polypropylene. This is because this material is durable and solid while it is also resistant to water, mold, mildew and even extreme UV rays. This is ideal when it comes to an outdoor environment.

Easy to clean: while being placed outdoors, the rug will get dirty very easily. Therefore, the low maintenance feature is always desirable for all times. A high-quality outdoor rug only needs water and mild soap to get it ready for service again.

Compatibility: most of the rugs are able to work in both indoor and outdoor environments. For an outdoor setting, it usually works with a patio, deck and balcony. On the other hand, it can work with all indoor settings, including the living room, kitchen, and other high traffic areas.


In brief, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best outdoor rugs of the year. The rug is dedicated to protecting an outdoor setting regardless of the sun and rain. With an affordable price, the rug is highly recommended for you to own one to make your house a beautiful and lovely place.

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