Best Outdoor Refrigerator Reviews – [Consumers’ Report]

An outdoor refrigerator is essential for those who love an outdoor adventure and those living with a backyard. Indeed, an outdoor refrigerator is a tempting product to get. And, for the fridges offered at a good value, it sure is a good investment to get them.

That said, in this article, we will put into play the top 10 best outdoor refrigerators of 2020 and some buying tips.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Refrigerator Reviews in 2020

10. Avallon 

Avallon AFR151SSODLH

With this incredible outdoor refrigerator, you will surely have a great time wherever you go. This item comes with an elegant look and high-quality material. The stainless steel is ideal with the front vent as well as a handle which allows for an easier clean-up. The fridge is capable of providing such a superb temperature of 34F to 50F so that your beer will always stay cool for you when you need it.

Moreover, this unit also consists of an ideal carbon filter with compressor powered cooling that creates a strong and safe exterior cabinet and door. Plus, you can even lock the freezer as well.

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9. HCK


If you need a fantastic outdoor refrigerator for use on a trip or vacation, this HACK outdoor refrigerator will definitely be the perfect companion for you. This unit  got a suitable size that makes it easy to use in terms of portability or storage. Surprisingly, your things inside this wonderful freezer will be fully cold and safe with a temperature of 108F combined with a stainless steel exterior. As a result, there is no need to be worried about any problem with the machine after all.

Furthermore, safety is also included in this HCK. More importantly, with the temperature control, you can always set the right temperature that you wish to.

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8. Whynter

 Whynter BOR-53024

By just taking a quick look at this smart fridge, you probably find it so interesting with the functions and other things that are available on it. This product features such a stunning design that shows a great performance as well. It is also an expert at freezing all the beverages inside with the temperature range of 32F to 64F. What’s more, it also provides your security to your food and beverages — thanks to the locking feature.

Besides safety, it also works great outside your house under various temperatures. What is even more special about this item is the ease of mobility. You can freely move this machine to any position you like without any problems since there are wheels equipped to this unit.

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7. Bensalem outdoor compact refrigerator


Bensalem is another amazing outdoor refrigerator that is completely perfect for those who love traveling. This product comes in a size of 24inch which offers a spacious capacity for beer or foods. The unit also provides a reversible door so that you are able to choose the best side that you prefer to open. On top of that, the technology has added a cool feature called Digital Temp Control to this machine in order to enhance users’ conveniences. With this function, you will find it much better to select temperatures from 34F to 50Fprecisely and gently with touch control.

By the way, with ELT quality, the fridge features a stainless steel construction that offers a great look, easy cleaning, and strong durability for long term use, too. Plus, the 100w cooling power of the Embraco Compressor will freeze your snack or drink amazingly.

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6. Costway

 COSTWAY Portable Car

Costway is nothing but a marvelous refrigerator that represents another level of a premium product. In fact, this one has an extremely unique design and different style in so many ways. Compared to other options, it is opened from above and you will see the temperature options on the top which is so useful for selecting the exact temperature you want. This machine provides the user with an enormous space on the inside, and the ideal temperature from 13F to 50F. In fact, your beverages will be accurately ready for you all the time with this one.

In addition, inside this fridge, there will be two areas such as freezing and cooling, and the temp can be swapped between Fahrenheit Celsius. On the other hand, this innovative refrigerator also includes plenty of helpful features like intelligent battery protection, fast cooling, and energy-saving mode.

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5. Alpicool

Alpicool CF55 Portable

Coming to the next outdoor refrigerator, we think you might be so interested in this one. Alpicool is an extremely modern product that can accommodate you until the very end of your journey. On the exterior, you will see temperature manipulation which can freeze down to -4F. There is also a door latch for better opening as well as closing and plus the corner protection.

If you take a look at the inside, you will see that there is a built-in Led right and removable basket so you can wash the fridge without any problem. Plus, it has a freezing area too so that the ice-cream or ice will stay in good shape as always.

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4. Guay

 Guay Outdoor Portable

Designed with such a fashionable style, this lovely item is full of creativity. In fact, it looks like a can of beer or coke can which is so gorgeous to use on various occasions. Having this one on the beach or a homecoming party will boost the happy atmosphere with all your friends or family. This portable fridge can store 8 cans or 4 bottles of drinks and conduct the temperature range of 36F.

More importantly, the unit is attached with a locking latch so you don’t have to worry about dropping your beer anymore. Additionally, you can bring it anywhere easily since it is lightweight, super safe, and the fan is extremely quiet which never bothers you on your way.

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3. Thor Kitchen stainless steel outdoor refrigerator

 Thor Kitchen

Thor kitchen is one of the powerful refrigerators that you should consider to have one in your humble house. The unit is specialized in two different parts of the fridge and both of them contain different operations as well. Having this sort of refrigerator is useful for several purposes. On the one hand, it can be used anywhere you go because the durability of this one is super strong, and featuring weather resistance, it is just even better.

Moreover, the temperature can be changed with the touch setting display so that you can choose the degree that deals with your insides foods are easier. The dual freezer has such a huge capacity of many things to put in there. Essentially, there is extra Led light assistance for both drawers so a dark place is no more problems.

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2. Bull outdoor kitchen refrigerator

Bull Outdoor Products

Bull is the second-best outdoor refrigerator for several reasons. This one is a reliable brand with all outdoor products including this one. Made of stainless steel, this outdoor refrigerator is sturdy and easy to clean because it is made of high-quality material. Regarding convenience, you can use open the fridge’s door from both directions. Besides that, along with a full-range temperature along with the big space on the inside, it is certainly adequate for serving the entire family and friends in an event. Furthermore, this unit is just 62 pounds, so it is easy to bring with this fridge you.

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1. Alpicool

 Alpicool C15 Portable

Alpicool product is never a disappointment since this company has earned trust from many people. Without a doubt, this one is also from Alpicool so you can already guess its quality in advance. It has such a brilliant design and awesome functions that reduce customer inconveniences. Buying this item is totally a great choice you will make. From the outside, you can see a locking latch and two handles that provide you security and it is able to freeze down to -4F degree so that you will always have the cold beer whenever you want.

Plus, the capacity is quite big for keeping plenty of food and drinks. More importantly, the little machine uses superior quality material that is so durable and easy to clean.

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Buying Guide

A good outdoor refrigerator should contain the following features:

  • Spacious capacity: It is extremely important for the fridge to have a big space because when it is larger, more things can be put inside. Yet, feel free to get an outdoor refrigerator of your preferred size according to how much food or drink you want to keep in it.
  • Temperature control: since you need to choose the best temperature for your beverages, this function is a necessity.
  • High-quality material: Stainless steel is the most popular material since it offers users ease and peace of mind in terms of durability, look, and cleaning.
  • Lighting: Also, look for outdoor refrigerators with LED lighting for you to enjoy the moment when the sun goes down. yet, the lights shouldn’t create heat to the fridge.

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