Best Outdoor Projector Screen Reviews – [Consumers’ Guide]

We proudly present to you the best 10 outdoor projector screen reviews. These products are modern and can serve for occasions such as outdoor parties, outdoor movies, or glamping experiences. They have been developed to offer the greatest experience to users and to assist them for years.

In the end, there is a buying guide that will help you pick up the projector screen that is most suitable for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Projector Screen in 2020

10. Inflatable Movie Screen with Stand

Inflatable Movie Screen

Fancying having an incredible movie experience outside with your loved ones? This inflatable screen is what you need. It is easily portable and can be set up quickly without requiring any specific tools. For stability and enjoyable performance, the 20ft*13ft screen projector has a support frame. Allowing both front and back projection features a removable white screen sheet that can be easily removed and installed.

Having in mind the comfort and experience of users, this projector screen from the TK loop includes a carrying bag, tie-down ropes, and pegs so that one can stick the screen support safely to the ground. On top of that, with its return policy, customers can return the product for exchange within one month of purchase.

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9. OWILLZ 120 inch Projector Screen

OWILLZ 120 inch Projector

This 120-inch projector screen from Owillz is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; it is commonly used for meetings, movie nights, teaching, and gaming. This screen quality offers vivid, clear, and natural colors with minimum transparency. You can be sure of having the best image quality from the projection. In addition to that, the OWILLZ screen is brighter than other projection screens. You do not have to worry about wrinkles or creases that might affect the visual when the projection is on; the screen’s material is wrinkle-free, crease-free, and also washable.

Moreover, that screen can be easily installed without expert knowledge. All one needs are the hooks and ropes that can be used also on walls. OWILLS provides a 2-year warranty on this projection screen.

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8. Hzgaming 120inch Projector Screen

 Hzgang 120inch Projector

This large Hanging projector screen has a viewing area of 104”*58”. It is perfect as a teaching tool in the classroom, presentation in the conference room, home theater, outside movie projection or outdoor public display amongst others. Made of high-grade polyester fabric, the projection screen is brighter than most other ones. In the case of wrinkles, the easily-washable fabric can be ironed at a maximum temperature of 50-60°.

This product is very easy to use and users will love how convenient it is to fold and store the screen. It is very lightweight and can be carried in a backpack. The screen can be installed without professional help using ropes,  hooks, double-sided tape, and brackets. This projection screen is also suitable for shadow dance and flashlight dancing.

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7. Projection Screen, Keenstone 120 inch

Projector Screen

Looking for a quality and convenient projection screen? Have a look at this one from Keenstone. This double-sided projection screen is ideal for several uses; home theater movie, conference room presentation, picnics, education rooms, parties, and projecting movies. The 4K HD screen has a viewing area of 104.72″ x 58.66″ and a format of 16:9.

For the easiest and most comfortable experience, the screen has 18 mounting holes and can be smoothly installed and removed using hooks, nails, and stickers (24 hooks and 2 ropes of 5 meters are included in the package). The one-piece design of the screen can be folded in any way without creases and It can be washed by hand. Users can enjoy a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 24-hour available customer care.

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6. Projector Screen 120 inch, Taotique

 Projector Screen

This 4K projector screen from Taotique is made of perfectly wrinkle-free material. The 120inch screen will not have wrinkles even after folding or compressing; as such, clearer images are projected on the anti-crease polyester fiber. This model has a larger viewing angle of 160° so that viewers do not have to sit right before the screen. With its double-sided projection feature, it is possible to have many people around to watch movies or presentations.

This is a great screen that is portable and is perfect for home, parties, classrooms, gaming, or outdoor use. Installing the screen projector takes less than 5 minutes by using the included tools (hooks, stickers, and ropes). After use, you will love how easily the screen can be folded into a tiny piece that can be carried effortlessly in a backpack. In addition to that, this is a great gift idea for your family or loved ones on any special occasion.

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5. Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch

 Projector Screen with Stand

This is one of the best projector screens of the moment; it is durable, efficient, and convenient. This 100HD 4K screen has been designed to provide vivid and top resolution images with enriched colors. With its wide-angle view of 160°, customers can enjoy a unique experience from different viewing positions. The product is easily installed and carried. The projector screen with its stand can be set up in only a few minutes by following the setup instructions. In the case of strong wind, the screen’s scaffold can be fixed to the ground.

This is a projector screen that is very convenient for frequent use. It can be easily transported anywhere in its well-padded carrying bag (included) and does not take much storage room. In addition to that, the screen is made of polyester fabric which is durable and prevents wrinkles or curling. The screen projector is suitable for presentations, wedding/church ceremonies, public display, or outdoor movies for instance.

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4. VIVOHOME 14 Feet Indoor and Outdoor

VIVOHOME 14 Feet Indoor

Enjoy your favorite movies on big screens outside in your backyard with your friends and family with this VIVO HOME movie projector. This 14-feet blow-up screen projector can also be a fun addition during outdoor parties, special events, and at resorts. Users will love how easy the whole screen is to set up. The product comes with a stand. The whole package also includes a handy bag, a professional air-blower of 85W (in-built), yard stakes and tethers. Likewise, the fan pump will blow the screen quietly and quickly within a few minutes. Users can also let the pump connect while the screen is being used.

This model from VIVIHOME is made of professional-grade oxford cloth that is durable, sturdy and weather resistant – making it suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. After use, the screen can squeeze down for easy clean up and storage.

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3. Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch

 Projector Screen with Stand

This set of screen projector includes the screen of 16:9 HD, 6 vertical poles, 4 90° connectors (with 8 direct ones), 10 ground nails, and 2 aluminum support seats. With a viewing angle and a 100-inch diagonal, this indoor and outdoor projector screen is perfect for parties, movies, and other special occasions. This model has a unique design (with a stand) that offers greater stability and facilitates the installation of the screen. The stand is not subject to usual rusting or deformation. The wrinkle-free screen is also very lightweight and easy-to-carry.

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2. Portable Projector Screen 120 inch

Projector Screen

Made of durable polyester fabric, this 120 inch HD projector screen is very lightweight (2.2lbs only) and can be carried around very easily. It can also be folded very easily for storage. Even after folding, the projector screen will not have any wrinkles. Setting up the projector screen is a matter of minutes using the tools included; 16 packs of hooks, 2 ropes (5 meters), and a 16:9 screen. This is a great piece for presentations, conventions, and exhibitions amongst others.

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1. Md Lebron 120 inch projector screen outdoor

 Mdbebbron 120 inch

Our Lebron projection screen is suitable for home theater, officers, conference rooms, and presentations. It is anti-cease and makes projection brighter and sharper. You will have the best image resolution. The product has a 16:9 screen format with a 104” x 58” viewing area. With the assistance of hooks, ropes, nails, and double-sided tape, the screen can be mounted or installed in a few minutes.

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Buying Guide


One important factor to consider is the size of the screen. Depending on where and the purpose for which it is going to be used, you have to choose the size accordingly. For instance, a bigger size is advisable if it is for a crowd in an outdoor movie screening.

Standing Mount

Sometimes, projector screens are more stable when they have a stand to support them. As such, you can enjoy your movie or event without any incident.

Other features

It is also very convenient to have a screen that is wrinkle-free; there is no need to iron it every time you open it for use. One which is easily foldable is more advantageous when you need to carry or put the screen away for later use.


Nowadays, there are several projector screens that are ideal and offer a great movie experience. They can also be used to deliver presentations, in conference rooms or for public displays. It makes events more interesting and more interactive.

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