Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera Reviews – [Buyers’ Guide]

A modern way to upgrade your security is by installing a real-time outdoor light bulb camera that not only can be recorded but can also be accessed through phones and other devices. Due to this reason, we have provided you with a top 10 list of the best outdoor light bulb cameras. It comes in the shape of a lightbulb so you can catch unpredicted thieves and protect or prevent yourself from any harm. If you’re interested, please follow along with us.

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera in 2020

10. Wifi Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

 Sengled Floodlight Security

Starting the list with number 10 we have the Wifi light bulb camera that supports a full 360-degree wide view, an alarm, as well as a motion detector. The camera itself can be lit up like a normal lightbulb with three light modes for an easier brightness adjusting. It contains a wireless camera that can be watched in real-time using your phone. You only have to connect the camera to your phone using a 2.4G wifi network and you will get a 1080p graphic. Moreover, there is a two-way audio system that allows you to hear and speak to the person near the camera.

If there are any movements that have been detected by the camera it will send an alert to you. Due to the multiple features, this lightbulb camera can be used as a baby monitor, business security camera, or even protect your house. Furthermore, if you can see something suspicious while viewing the live footage you can activate the alarm remotely.

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9. Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

1080P Light Bulb Camera

Next up, we have a camera that has a full 360-degree angle for a wide-angle view. The camera needs to be within a 2.4G wifi range in order to give you an HD quality picture or video of 1920×1080 resolution. You can access the video anywhere once the camera connects to the wifi, allowing you to access features such as motion detection, night vision, alarm function along with other features.

Moreover, the camera is built into a working lightbulb illuminating the space whilst keeping an eye on the house, your pet, and your business. If you have a child at home you can talk to and see them in real-time using the app of the camera light bulb. When recorded you can replay the event and can even call which play sounds on the bulb. The app allows you to use several devices so you can view your space anytime, anywhere.

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8. Dome Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

 Light Bulb Camera

Next, we have the Dome light bulb camera designed with 5 levels of motion detection that will send in an alert to your phone allowing you to feel safe. The lightbulb itself uses a standard E27 power socket that allows it to be used as a normal lightbulb. But even in the dark, the camera has a night vision mode that lets you adjust whether you want it to be in black and white or in color. The IR sensor will turn this mode on when it detects the dark environment. The monochrome and color options are also available in the day.

Furthermore, the fisheye view of the camera allows no blind spot and a full view of the room. The only thing the camera bulb needs to be convenient is the access to 2.4G wifi. When connected you can unlock features such as two-way audio, remote viewing and even replaying footage.

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7. THC ABP Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

WiFi Bulb Security Camera

The THCABP lightbulb saves a lot of energy due to it being LED. Furthermore, the lightbulb has a built-in camera that sends you a picture if any motion is detected when it is turned on. It has a night vision option that allows you to see even in the dark.

It can capture a 1080p resolution motion and allows you to see that footage in real-time wherever, whenever as long as the camera is connected to the wifi. The built-in microphone and speaker allow for two-way audio that lets you talk to whoever is on the other side.

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6. Meibul Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

Miebul Light Bulb Camera

With the Meibul light bulb camera, we can receive an alert whenever a motion is detected. Just as easy as receiving a notification from social media, the Meibul light bulb app will send one to your phone. The wireless camera allows you to monitor a wide view of footage with its 360-degree fisheye lens. You can also check deleted files in the card that can save up to 128G of footage.

With the night vision feature, you can see clear 1080p video right from your phone. The two-way communication allows you to talk to the person on the other side which makes this lightbulb all the more multipurpose, using it as a child monitor, or a pet cam.

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5. Hijunmi Light Bulb Camera

 Light Bulb Security Camera

The Hijunmi camera has so many features that ensure maximum security, and efficiency. Even though it is a working light bulb with three different light settings, it does not need the light to see at night. This works perfectly with the motion detector with optional settings as it provides optimum security for you and your family.

Other features such as two-way communication, available for multiple devices, and playback options make this camera very efficient and easy to use.

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4. Security Light bulb Camera

Light Bulb Camera

The security light bulb camera allows you to view your footage in different modes to see all angles of the space. You can slide and choose to zoom in or out of the footage to get a clearer closer view. This real-time wireless camera allows you to view footage of the space with a wide-angle view and have features such as night vision, alarms, motion detector, and two-way audio communication.

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3. Sunco Lighting LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting 6 Pack

Next up, we have the Sunco lighting LED bulb that comes in a set of six energy-saving and waterproof bulbs. These bulbs are engineered to turn on once it detects the dark surrounding. Not only will this prevent you from leaving the light on in the morning, but it can also prevent you from forgetting to turn it on during the night.

They are waterproof which makes it perfect for outdoors on the porches or on the driveways. The only thing you’ll need is an E26 light socket.

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2. SARCCH Light Bulb Camera

SARCCH Light Bulb

Secondly, we have the SARCCH light bulb camera that works just as good as a normal light bulb that uses an E27 light socket but doubles as a security camera. Moreover, the light bulb can be connected to the 2.4G wifi which gives you access to the footage onto your phone.

With the app and the connection, you can monitor the space, anytime, and anywhere you want. You can even have remote access which allows you to talk and hear sounds as well as set off alarms.

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1. BESDERSEC Security Camera

Full HD 1080P Home WiFi

Last but not least, we have the BEST RSEC security camera in the shape of a lightbulb. It has a built-in 1.44mm fisheye lens that allows a full view of the room of up to 400 square feet. Due to the motion detector, the camera can send an alert to your phone or the bulb will light up when someone walks by. Even as a lightbulb, it works with an E26 or E27 light socket that can light up the room whilst watching the movement.

Moreover, the camera has a 1080p resolution that gives HD quality which will give you a clear day and night vision. To get access to the display you must connect the camera to your 2.4G wifi, after the connection, you can view the recording, replay, access remote control features, and share it with trusted family members.

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Buying Guide

To help you upgrade your house security, in order to keep your family safe, we have provided you some factors to consider before buying the products.

Wifi router: Some cameras can only support 2.4G of wifi and not 5G. Therefore, it is very important to check your wifi as well as what the camera can support before purchasing the product,

Resolutions: It is very important to see if the camera can record and the footage they produce can be viewed clearly no matter day or night with good quality.

Light socket: The camera is also a working light socket, that has a standard socket. In order to use the camera easily, you should position the light in the right place as the lens is at the bottom of the bulb.


To sum it up, we have gathered descriptive details of each product along with a buying guild of the top ten best security camera light bulbs. If any of these bulbs meet your liking, start your booking now.

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